Who am I?

A person for whom food is more like a masterpiece of art. A person who constantly seeks an discovers the various flavors of the kitchen and of which culinary horizons widened enormously in the last nine years. Thanks to traveling, as well as the country, in which occurred to me to live, I had the opportunity to taste the cuisine around the world. Of course, this does not change the fact that the cottage cheese dumplings still remain one of my Numbers 1.

My Weakness?

Unfortunately, as always the greatest weakness of mine were and still are the fries … and especially those that make Aunt Anna and whose place in the forefront will remain unwavering.

Where did the idea for the website originate?

The major idea for this website is for tourists to easily find local venues where they could get their preferred dishes at affordable prices. Offering exquisite varieties according to their individ- ual budget. That’s why I do something dictated stepped for my personal taste, my demands on the premises, and other components, thanks to which the meal is a pleasure, a kind of ecstasy for the senses, not just filling the stomach. Of course, in the foreground has always been is and will be eating, because it was established for him in this page. I hope you enjoy and that thanks to her cooking which enables you to experience unforgettable culinary sensations or bypass a wide arc other places, without losing any time.

What I had in mind when making reviews?

Remember, the assessment is subjective and every one of you can have your own opinion on this issue. I am in their assessments based on my palate and impressions about the growth. All the pictures are taken with iPhone, not to wear the camera; I try to behave as naturally as possible and not to arouse suspicion that I am doing material to the blog. Also for this reason I do not use flash, so not all photos are exactly as expected. I am objective and so I try to approach every visit to the restaurant – it does not matter if it’s my first time there or not. I always pay the bill out of my own expense, do not accept discounts, meals on the house etc. When reading and watching pictures you can be confident that it is only and exclusively my honest opinion.

So what are you waiting for, i invite you to my culinary journey and … Bon Appétit!